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Like everyone, we have to pay the bills and developing this website takes lots of time and effort. The way that we are repaid for this effort is through affiliate links. However, we will never promote scams or malicious websites. Ever.

How do affiliate links work?

You Visit our website

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You click on our affiliate link

When you use our link then sign up to a BeerMoney site we will have 'referred' you.

You earn, and we do too

When you earn on the BeerMoney site, we receive a percentage of what you earn, without costing you.

What do we use the money for?

Website hosting

We have to pay for each day that this website is up and running, so it is vital that we can afford to do so.

Domain name

We also have to pay for our domain name, to make sure you can find us on the internet.


We want as many people to be able to make use of our site so we spend some money on advertising it.

Wer're sure you may have more questions

Read our Affiliate Link FAQ

It doesn’t cost you anything to use our affiliate links and you will earn the same amount of money on the BeerMoney site as you would if you signed up without an affiliate.

No, you don’t have to use our affiliate links, you can look up the BeerMoney site in your search browser instead if you want to. However, it is much quicker and easier to use our affiliate links, doesn’t cost you anything and will help support this website.

Most websites which review things contain affiliate links, but some may not tell you that they do. Besides adverts, affiliate links are the main source of revenue for many websites.

With some sites we receive a bonus when you sign up. After that, we earn around 5-25% of what you earn on the site, without costing you anything.

You should use our affiliate links if you find this website helpful and would like to support it so we can continue to run it and expand in the future

Without affiliate links, we wouldn’t be able to afford to run this website and keep paying for its hosting. With affiliate links, it allows us to keep publishing new content and reviewing new BeerMoney sites.

By using our affiliate links, visitors allow us to keep this website running without adverts. This means the viewing experience for visitors is much better and allows them to focus on what they are looking for.

BeerMoney sites are happy to pay affiliates as they are the people who introduce new users onto the site. These users will earn on the BeerMoney site, so the site is happy to pay the affiliate.

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