FruitLab Review: The Definitive Guide – Earn More Pips!

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fruitlab review the definitive guide
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FruitLab is a site that pays its users to watch and upload clips of their favorite games! In this FruitLab review and guide, you can learn about every section of FruitLab and how to earn more of its currency ‘PIPS’!

In the guide section, we go quite in-depth (over 5k words!) so if you are just interested in a summary of FruitLAb we recommend you read the What is FruitLab? – FruitLab Explained, FruitLab Sign-Up Bonus, What Can You Cashout On FruitLab and FruitLab Review Conclusion – Is FruitLab Legit? sections. Then, if you decide to sign up to FruitLab you can return to the guide sections to learn how to maximize your pip earnings!

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What is FruitLab? – FruitLab Explained

FruitLab review explained

FruitLab is a gameclip centered platform that pays its users to watch and upload gameclips. Users all have their own channels, which they can grow an audience for by gaining followers. Then, when users watch their content they earn PIPS which can be redeemed in the shop for rewards such as gift cards. You can earn by watching clips too. Every time you watch a clip you earn XP which contributes to your Pip Pot reward, so you can earn while watching the content you enjoy.

On FruitLab you earn immediately from the first view. As soon as you publish a clip you can start earning. The earning potential is huge, too. Some users have earned over $1000 from just uploading gameclips. But that’s not the best thing about FruitLab. The best thing about FruitLab is that it’s actually fun. It’s not like a GPT site where you spend hours filling out boring surveys, it’s just you uploading and watching the content that you enjoy. As well, FruitLab hosts game tournaments where the community can compete for large pip prizes!

FruitLab is also constantly updated and recieving new features. The staff are completely open to feedback and idea suggestions that they could implement in the future. You can message any of the FruitLab team and even Ben and Martyn, the founders of FruitLab. If you like the sound of all this, sign up to FruitLab now to start earning!

FruitLab Sign-Up Bonus Review

fruitlab sign up bonus

FruitLab offers 1000 pips to new users who sign up through a referral link. 1000 Pips may not be much once you grow your FruitLab channel, but it is a great start when joining up!

Sign Up to FruitLab for a 1000 pip Bonus

You will receive your 1,000 pip bonus once you earn 10,000 XP. Read our ‘How to Earn XP‘ section to find out more.

FruitLab Currency – Pips Guide

fruitlab pips explained

FruitLab rewards its users with their currency ‘pips’. You can see your pip balance in the top right of your screen under your username.

fruitlab guide review pips shown next to name

10,000 pips = $1 and you can cash out your pips to gift cards once you have earned $5 / £5 and ranked up to Corporal Rank (In the UK 10,000 pips = £0.80).

How can I earn Pips on FruitLab?

how to earn pips on fruitlab review

The ways that you can earn Pips on FruitLab are:

  • Watching Gameclips and Activity (Community Pip Pot)
  • Uploading Gameclips
  • Instant Pips (App only)
  • Arcade
  • Donations

Watching and uploading clips are the main ways that most users earn their pips but there are many other ways like winning Fruilab Tournaments/Challenges against other members! In this section, we will explain how all the ways to earn pips work and the best ways to use them to earn pips faster!

How Can I Earn Pips By Watching Gameclips (XP)?

earn pips by watching clips guide

In order to start earning pips by watching clips, you need to sign up for a fruitlab account. Once you have signed up and logged in click the videos button in the top menu.

fruitlab videos menu

Then choose a video to watch.

fruitlab videos page

An advert will run before you can watch the game clips. If the advert is skippable, you must not skip the advert to earn pips from it. After the advert runs you will earn ‘XP’. After every week, on Monday, the amount of XP that you have earned is combined with your rank and chain for that week. This is then used to calculate your portion of the Comunity Pip Pot, which is made up of all the pips generated from watching during the week.

How Does the Community Pip Pot Work?

fruitlab earn pips community pip pot xp

Every time that somebody watches an advert before a clip, the pips generated by the view are added to the Community Pip Pot. The Pip Pot fills with pips over the week, then on Monday the pips are distributed to viewers. The number of pips that you earn from the Community Pip Pot each week depends on a number of factors:

  • XP Earned that week
  • Your Ranking
  • Your location (this cannot be changed, so we won’t discuss it in the next section)

How to Earn More from the Comunity Pip Pot

The amount of XP that you earn in one week is the base factor when earning from the pip pot. The more XP that you earn, the more pips that you will earn from the pip pot. You earn XP from watching clips and building up an XP chain, read the next section, ‘How to earn more XP‘ to learn more.

Your ranking is also a large factor in the number of pips that you receive from the pip pot each week. The difference between being Cadet rank and Lieutenant is a 5 times increase in pips from the pip pot! So, make sure that you try to rank up as fast as possible, to read more about how to rank click here. Here is the rank weightings table, which shows the multipliers for your proportion of the pip pot each week, depending on your ranking.

Lieutenant and above100%

How To Earn More XP

how to earn more xp on fruitlab

Users earn XP for almost every action on FruitLab. The XP system is designed to reward active users, who engage with the content and community. You can keep track of your XP by looking in the top right corner next to your pip balance, and check how much XP you have earned today by clicking on the menu then ‘My Homepage’.

fruitlab check xp earned today ranking up guide

XP Streak rewards the most XP on FruitLab, read more about it here.

Earn XP By Watching Gameclips

The main way to earn XP is by watching gameclips. You earn XP every time you watch an advert before a gameclip, and make sure not to skip the ad to earn XP. Earning by watching is the activity that rewards the most XP on the site, but there’s still is a maximum amount of XP that you can earn by watching each day, which depends on your location and the adverts available.

Earn XP By Engaging With Content

Engaging with content, like rating and commenting on clips rewards XP. Following users also rewards XP, so make sure to follow me! Reading the latest news on Grapevine also rewards XP, and can be a great way to catch up on the latest events and changes that happen on FruitLab.

General Activity

Moving around the site while you are active rewards XP, too. It is designed to reward users that are active and landing on different pages. You don’t earn lots of XP from this, but it is designed to reward the users that are actively using the site the most, so the longer you stay on FruitLab, the more XP you will earn from this.

Earn XP From The Arcade

You can earn XP from playing games in the Arcade. You receive some XP for simply playing, and can earn extra if you come in the top ten on the scoreboard each day.

Use Juice to Earn XP

Being active in Juice earns XP. Here you can engage with the FruitLab community, and as questions about anything if you have any! There are limits on the XP that you can earn from Juice, so please don’t spam thinking that you will earn lots more XP, you will hit the max Juice XP immediately and may be muted by a moderator.

XP Boost Events

Every so often FruitLab has XP boost events. These increase the XP available to earn per action, and the max amount of XP you can earn from certain actions. XP events can come with double or even triple XP, so make sure to be active while they are going on so you can progress to your next rank much quicker.

How to Earn Instant PIPS and XP with XP Streak

fruitlab app instant pips xp streak

On the Fruitlab App, you have the opportunity to earn lots of bonus XP and PIPS from XP Streak. To build up your XP streak, you have to log onto the app / FruitLab web and earn some XP. The easiest way to do this is to click the XP icon (top left of app, top right of web) then claim your daily XP bonus by clicking on the XP TODAY button.

After this, on the App you can earn Additional Daily XP Bonuses and PIP Bonuses by watching 30 second long adverts. The number of bonuses available depends on what part of the 7-day streak cycle you are on. At the start bonuses are small and only a few are available. On the last day, each bonus is very large and many extra bonuses are available. You can also earn even more XP from XP streak milestones such as 10, 20, 30 etc.

How Can I Earn Pips by Uploading Gameclips?

fruitlab uploadiNg clips guide

Uploading gameclips on Fruitlab is one of the most potent ways for earning a lot of pips consistently and quickly if you manage to grow your channel. This is because the number of pips you earn per clip is based on the number of views your clip receives and with a well-grown channel you can consistently receive loads of views for every clip you post!

How to upload a gameclip on Fruitlab to earn Pips:

  1. Click on the ‘upload’ button in the menu at the top of FruitLab (on the app click the upload icon on the menu at the bottom)
    fruitlab how to upload
  2. Drag your clip from your files onto the upload space or click the ‘select file’ button and navigate to your clip and select it.
  3. Wait for the file to upload then fill in the clip details (name, game, category, description ext.) Make sure to add tags too, you can choose suggested tags once you start typing or can create your own by typing them then pressing the spacebar.
    fruitlab video details
  4. Click save and you will see the user videos section. When you receive a notification saying that your clip has been approved, refresh the page.
    unlisted fruitlab clip
  5. Click the status slider so it goes green to publish the video. It will start to earn pips once people view it!

In order for clips to generate pips, they must be longer than 30 seconds. Clips that you upload to Fruitlab must be your own clips and must not be duplicate videos. If you do not break these rules you should start earning pips as soon as people watch your videos! You can post up to 6 clips per day before you reach the daily limit. However, the PIPS earned number on your user videos page is not actually the number of pips that you will earn from that clip. You receive half of that number and the other half is added to the pip pot.

What Clips Can I Post on FruitLab?

On FruitLab you can post gameclips of any game from any platform. From competitive online FPS games to even just candy crush on your phone, you can post clips and earn. You don’t even have to be the best at the game either. Clips don’t always have to be great plays, you can post fail clips too. So whoever you are, whatever game you play, you can always earn on FruitLab.

How to Grow Your Fruitlab Channel Guide

how to grow your fruitlab channel review

Growing your Fruitlab channel quickly should be your main aim if you want to consistently earn lots of pips from uploading gameclips. Generally, more followers mean more views of your clips on average which will lead to you earning more pips. Also, once you pass the milestone of 300 followers you could be potentially selected for Fruitlab partnership which can increase your exposure significantly (more on this in the next section). In this section we will explain the methods that we used to grow our Fruitlab channel to 1000+ followers in just over 2 months!

Posting Quality Clips Frequently

The most consistent way (by far) to grow on Fruitlab is to post quality videos frequently. The more clips that you post, it is more likely that users will watch your clips and if they are quality users will happily follow.

Every time that you post a clip make sure to copy its url and paste it in the self-promotion section of Juice (fruitlab’s messaging platform). Here people post liks to their clips and watchers use this section to find new clips to watch and earn pips from.

Adding Thumbnails To Your Gameclips

Adding custom thumbnails to your videos can help attract watchers to your clips and give your profile a more recognizable and professional branding.

Fruitlab review thumbnails

We use the website to create our thumbnails using a template that we have already created. We take a screenshot from the clip, add it to the thumbnail then edit the text so it corresponds to the clip. Once you have exported your thumbnail you can add it to your clip after it has been approved.

Posting High-Quality Content to Your FruitLab Channel

As well as posting quality gameclips, another way to attract watchers to your profile is by producing high-quality content such as montages, edits and tutorials.

Posting high-quality content makes you stand out from other users that only post gameclips and increases your chances of getting your videos featured. You will usually need some type of video editing software but the free Hitfilm Express works for us, don’t think you need to buy any software to make quality content.

FruitLab Verified Rank Explained

The Verified status on FruitLab is for genuine users that post content and are active in the community. Getting Verified on FruitLab is a lot easier than other platforms such as Twitter but also comes with benefits. Verified users’ videos are shown in the Verified section of the videos page and getting verified is one of the first steps towards getting partnered.

How do I get Verified on FruitLab?

To get Verified on FruitLab:

  • Post your own content
  • Only use one account
  • Don’t be toxic
  • Complete your profile details and have a profile picture
  • Have an XP Streak over 14
  • Have thumbnails on your videos

Then, once you have completed these requirements DM a staff member on Juice and they will Verifiy you.

How to become a Fruitlab Partner Guide

become fruitlab partner guide and review

Becoming a FruitLab Partner is one of the best ways to grow your channel and increase the exposure that your clips receive. Partners are shown by their purple name and “p” icon when in juice and on their profile page. They receive Partner benefit of automatically approved uploads. Rather than having to wait for a moderator to approve your uploads Partners can list their clips immediately after they have uploaded them. This saves lots of time and allows Partners to spend more time at the top of the videos section.

fruitlab partners videos

Also, FruitLab Partners’ videos are featured in their own section on the videos page.

fruitlab partner
Purple Partner name and user profile logo

FruitLab usually announces about 3 or 4 new FruitLab Partners every week on Friday. There is no need to ask/apply to become a FruitLab Partner as the FruitLab team chooses partners from everyone who is eligible. To be eligible for FruitLab partnership you must:

  • Have More Than 300 Followers – Having 300 followers is the minimum requirement for being eligible for partnership so if you are below this try to get more followers as quickly as you can!
  • Upload Every Frequently – Consistently upload quality clips that will catch the FruitLab team’s attention.
  • Increase Your Rank – Higher ranked players are more likely to become partners so make sure that you complete all of your challenges on your profile page. (We discuss ranking up in a section later)
  • Be Active in The Community – Being active in Juice and playing helps get your profile gets more well known. This is not something vital that you need to do to become a Partner but it could help make you one faster.

Once you have more than 300 followers don’t expect to immediately become a Partner and definitely don’t beg the FruitLab team to make you one. There are hundreds of users eligible for partnership so make sure that you focus on growing your channel and making it stand out from the rest.

How to Get on the Fruitlab Homepage Guide

fruitlab get on highlights reel and homepage review

Getting onto the home page of FruitLab can earn you a lot of pips and new followers. New users have to watch the highlights reel to level up and people looking for new things to watch will go straight to the homepage. Clips on the homepage are specially selected by the FruitLab team to showcase amazing plays, FruiLab Tournaments, well-edited montages and more. Getting on the FruitLab homepage will always require a bit of luck but here are some tips to improve your chances of being featured.

Post Montages, Tutorials, and Other Edited Videos

fruitlab tutorials review and guide

Posting well-edited clips increases your chances of getting on the homepage. Helpful tutorials are also featured on the homepage so if you know a problem that lots of players have, create a tutorial to help them with the problem.

Once you list the clip Direct Message one of the Fruitlab Team in Juice (recognizable by their green name), send them the tutorial that you have made and ask if they can add it to the help section of the homepage. If your tutorial is useful they will add it to the homepage.

Montages are also a great way to get on the homepage. You can showcase your best plays all in one video while also adding effects to make it look even better. This makes your clips stand out from others that don’t have any editing, so the FruitLab team is more likely to add them to the homepage. You can make montages of FruitLab tournaments to increase your chances even more too!

Post Giveaways

fruitlab giveaways

If you ever make a pip giveaway video you can get it featured on the homepage. Simply DM a staff member on Juice with the link to your giveaway and ask to get it added to the giveaway section of the homepage. Once it is added your video will get more views and more people will enter your giveaway. Make sure that following you is a requirement for users to enter the giveaway, this way you will receive more followers when people enter. If you create a giveaway, you MUST actually give away pips, if you don’t you could get pips deducted from your account or be suspended.

How to Earn PIPS from the FruitLab Arcade

The FruitLab Arcade has returned and now has even more games and ways to earn PIPS! The three sections of the new Arcade are:

  • Practice
  • XP Freeplay
  • Head-to-head

You can play over 100 games in the arcade in practice mode. The Practice mode allows you to simply play the game, while earning a little XP for playing. However, unlike in the XP Freeplay and Head-to-head modes, your score doesn’t matter when practicing. There are 10 games in the Arcade that you can compete against other players in the the XP Freeplay and Head-to-head modes.

XP Freeplay Arcade Mode Explained

In the XP Freeplay arcade mode, your aim is to get in the top ten highest scorers of your game each day, with XP rewards if you do. The XP reward for 1st is 1,000 XP, which then decreases by 100 XP as you go down each position in the scoreboard ending with 100 XP for 10th place. The amount of XP that you can earn from this mode isn’t much compared to other ways you can earn on FruitLab but is a good bonus if you enjoy the arcade games.

Head-to-head Arcade Mode Explained

In the head-to-head arcade mode, you face off against another FruitLab user for a PIPS wager.

How Can I Earn Pips From Donations?

fruitlab how to earn pips from donations

FruitLab users can donate pips that they have earned to each other if they want. Donations aren’t a consistent way to earn pips as they are in no way guaranteed and most the time are only 1 pip. However, there are a few ways to increase your chances of receiving donations that you can use to increase your pip earnings.

Enter User Giveaways

Entering user giveaways is one of the simplest ways to earn pips from donations. Just go to the bottom of the FruitLab homepage to the giveaways section and enter. Most of the time you need to follow the user and comment on the video, but these are quick to do. Don’t expect to win every giveaway, but when you win sometimes prizes can be 10k+ pips!

Be Active on User’s Channels

Sometimes users reward other people who are active on their channel in the comments section. So, if you watch a lot of someone’s videos make sure to leave comments on them (which aren’t gg or nice) to show them that you’re active. Not many users donate to their active followers so don’t expect donations from this, but doing this can help your chances of receiving donations.

Create Entertaining Content

If you post an extremely good content sometimes users will reward you by donating pips. Like all the ways to earn donations, this doesn’t guarantee anything. However, a really good clip is more likely to earn pips from donations compared to an average one.

How to Rank Up on FruitLab? – FruitLab Ranking Guide

how to rank up on fruitlab

FruitLab has a ranking system that allows players to unlock different features as they progress up ranks. To make sure that you have everything unlocked, it is best to rank up as quickly as possible when starting FruitLab. Completing challenges does take some time, but it is definitely worth doing.

To rank up on FruitLab:

  1. For the first rank, you need to complete 4 basic tasks to rank up.
    fruitlab first rank ranking tasks guide
  2. After this, you have to earn XP to rank up. You earn XP by watching clips and being active on FruitLab. To find out more ways to earn XP, read our ‘How To Earn XP’ section. Here is the XP you need to rank up:
RankXP Required
General 2,048,120

What Do FruitLab Ranks Unlock? – How to Unlock FruitLab Shop

Every time you rank up, you will unlock different abilities. To unlock the shop you must be at least Corporal Cocoplum rank. The entire list of unlocks for ranks is:

  1. Cadet – Starting rank, no unlocks
  2. Private – Unlocks FruitLab Challenges
  3. Corporal – Unlocks shop, can also customize player card.
  4. Sergeant – Unlocks emblems, and profile background.
  5. Lieutenant – Can upload video in player biography.

Your ranking also affects the amount of pips that you earn from the Community Pip Pot. The higher the rank, the higher the multiplier for your earnings from the Pip Pot. Here are the multipliers for each ranking:

Lieutenant and above100%

What is FruitLab Juice? – Juice Guide


Juice is FruitLab’s messaging platform where announcements are made, tournaments are organised, users talk to each other and more. It is split into 7 different sections each with a specific purpose as well as having direct messages where users can talk 1 to 1.

What is each section of Juice used for?

  • General – This is where FruitLab users talk about anything and tournaments and quizzes are organized.
  • LFG (Looking for game) – Can be used if you need teammates for a game.
  • Help – Use the help section if you have any questions to do with FruitLab.
  • Announcements – Announcements of all kinds are made here, but most of them are about FruitLab tournament and quizzes.
  • Self Promotion – Here you can post your clips so other people can watch them or promote your FruitLab channel in this section.

What do colored names mean on Juice?

  • Red – Regular User
  • Purple – Partner
  • Yellow – Moderator
  • Green – Team FruitLab
  • Blue – Founder of FruitLab

How Do I Direct Message On FruitLab Juice?

There are two ways to direct message someone on juice. The first way is to click on someone’s name in juice chat then click Send DM.

send dm fruitlab juice

The second way involves searching their name but you can use it even if the user you want to message isn’t currently messaging in Juice.

  1. Go to juice and click on the find players button on the left.
    fruitlab juice find players button
  2. Search the player’s name then click on their name from the list when it comes up.
    fruitlab dmfruitlab dm search
  3. Then click the yellow + button to DM the player.
    fruitlab add dm

What is FruitLab Grapevine? – Grapevine Explained

fruitlab grapevine explained

FruitLab grapevine is FruitLab’s own news page. Here, FruitLab update patch notes are posted, information about tournaments are shown and players can post too. Make sure to check grapevine out every so often to make sure you are up to date with the latest news.

Cashing Out On FruitLab Guide

fruitlab what you can cashout with pips guide

Once you have Corporal Cocoplum rank you can use your pips to purchase things from the FruitLab shop.

What can I buy in the FruitLab Shop?

There are hundreds of digital products in the FruitLab shop available to be purchased for PIPS such as:

  • Xbox and PS gift cards
  • Robux Gift Cards
  • Amazon Gift cards
  • Steam game keys
  • Xbox and PS game codes
  • Google Play gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards

You can also purchase FruitLab Merch with PIPS too!

FruitLab shop

Can I cashout FruitLab PIPS for PayPal?

Yes, cashout to PayPal is available for balances over 2 million pips ($200). Paypal is processed once per month, so when you have 2 million pips message @Ben on Juice for further details.

Charity Dontions

Also, there are lots of options for donating to charities like Macmillan Cancer Support, team trees, and more.

donate to charity fruitlab

If you like the look of these cashout options sign up to FruitLab so you can start earning pips towards them today!

FruitLab Review Conclusion – Is FruitLab Worth It?

fruitlab review conclusion

FruitLab is a site that you can actually earn a lot from if you dedicate the time to growing your channel. At first growing your channel will take time, but it is definitely worth it and hopefully, you can speed up the process with this review and guide. If you just use FruitLab to watch clips the earning potential is average, but you are still getting paid for something that you would have done anyway. However, the best way to use FruitLab is to post gamclips as well as watching and as you gain followers you will earn more and more with each clip.

Pros of FruitLab:

  • Earn from the first view
  • Extremely large potential for earning if you grow your channel
  • Lots of ways to earn
  • Friendly and helpful staff, mods, and founders.
  • Constantly getting updated and adding more features
  • Lots of ways to cashout including charity and marketplace
  • No matter what game or how good you are, you can always post clips and earn
  • All countries can earn from watching now

Cons of FruitLab:

  • Users from countries with low ad rates receive a relatively low amount from watching, but can still earn normal amounts of pips from everything else.

If you found this Review and Guide useful and want to sign up to FruitLab, please use one of the links on this page to sign up, it helps a lot! Also if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

Sign Up To FruitLab for an 1000 pips Bonus!

If you are already signed up to FruitLab you can always support us by following our FruitLab channel instead. Donations are also appreciated but by no means necessary.

In this FruitLab review and guide, we went in-depth, but it is in no way perfect or finished. If you have any suggestions for improvements, have found an error or would just like to give feedback you can contact us on Juice (Fruitlab ID is BMM) or fill in our contact us form.

Edit: Thanks for the grapevine article on FruitLab featuring this post!

fruitlab featured on grapevine fruitlab review

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