GamerMine Review and Guide – Earn More Gold

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GAMERMINE earn more gold guide bonus
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GamerMine is a GPT site that rewards users with coins for completing tasks that can be redeemed for Cryptocurrencies and PayPal. GamerMine also offers ways for users to earn passively by gaming on Steam when they add to their steam name.

GamerMine Sign-Up Bonus

GAMERMINE SIGN Up bonus items for free

When you sign up to GamerMine through our link, you will be given a set of bonus items to help you start off.

These bonus items can each be redeemed once, then they give you an extra percentage extra on the tasks you complete for a certain amount of time. The bonuses can reach up to 20% extra and the duration can go up to 8 hours. Also, you receive a ‘happy coin’, which can be redeemed for a bonus 100 gold once you have earned 500 gold.

How much is GamerMine Gold Worth?

GamerMine rewards users with its currency ‘Gold’. 1000 Gold = 1 USD

How can I Earn on GamerMine?

GAMERMINE earning guide

GamerMine lets you earn using lots of different ways, including:

  • Playing on Steam
  • Surveys
  • Offer Walls
  • Videos ( and more)
  • Leaderboard
  • Daily Bonus
  • Games
  • Refferals

How To Earn By Playing On Steam Using GamerMine

gamermine earn by playing on steam

Once you have signed up to GamerMine, with a few steps you can connect your steam account and start earning passively by playing on Steam.

  1. First, you need to connect your steam account on your account page.
  2. Then you have to add to your steam name (change it here) (this rewards 50 coins per day)
  3. After this, if you want to earn an extra 25 coins per day you can use the gamermine avatar as your Steam profile picture
  4. Finally, depending on your amount of yours played in the past 2 weeks on steam you can earn a bonus of up to 50 coins per day.

Overall, you can earn up to 125 coins per day by just playing on steam as you usally would. To claim the reward make sure to go to the rewards page. However, to be able to claim your coins from this offer you need to be active on gamermine and have earned 1000 coins in the past week.

How To Earn Passively On GamerMine Using Hideout TV

earn passively on gamermine using hideout tv

Hideout TV is a video site that rewards you when you view ads. You can keep it running in the background to earn points too, which then can be converted to GamerMine Gold. To be able to earn points, make sure to sign up to a hideout TV account, then go to the GamerMine hideout page, click the link to Hideout TV and your account should be linked. Then you can redeem every 9 Hideout Points for 5 GamerMine gold.

hideout TV gamermine passive

Also, make sure to claim your 9 coins daily bonus for some extra free gold.

How To Earn From The GamerMine Daily Bonus

gamermine daily bonus free cash review

GamerMine lets you claim some bonus gold for every day that you log in. The amount of gold that you earn from your daily bonus is double your level, e.g. if you were level 10 you would get 20 gold for your daily bonus. To claim your daily bonus click on the gold icon on the bottom right of the gamermine page then click ‘claim’.

How To Level Up On GamerMine Guide

gamermine level up xp guide review

On GamerMine your level determines how much gold you can claim for your daily bonus and what number shows up next to your name when you type in chat. To level up, you need to gain XP which is rewarded for:

  • Completing Offers
  • Playing Gamermine Dice and Coinflip Games

The best way to level up is by far Completing Offers. It rewards the amount of gold you earn in XP, whereas Dice and Coinflip only reward 5% of what you stake, which most likely in the long run you will lose.

How To Earn From The GamerMine Leaderboard

GamerMine rewards its most active users with bonus gold if they earn the most gold out of everyone on the site in the day or over a month. The rewards are:

PlacingReward (Gold)
1st Daily2,000
2nd Daily1,000
3rd Daily500
1st Monthly10,000
2nd Monthly5,000
3rd Monthly2,000

You can visit the GamerMine Leaderboards page to check how close you are to earning a reward, and how long until the leaderboard resets and rewards are distributed.

gamermine leaderboard bonus gold

GamerMine Review Conclusion – Is GamerMine worth it?

GAMERMINE review conclusion is it worth it

In conclusion, GamerMine has some great unique ways to earn, as well as rewarding its most active users through its level and daily bonus system. Make sure to sign up through our link to start with bonus items!

Sign Up to GamerMine and start with Bonus Items

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