GG2U Review and Guide with Tips and Tricks

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GG2U is a BeerMoney site dedicated to supplying its users with some of the highest beer money rates. It claims to pay its user 65-85% compared to many of its competitors only paying out 40-60%. But what is the best way to take advantage of GG2U’s high payout rates? Find out in this GG2U review and guide!

GG2U info


GG2U Sign-Up bonus

GG2U offers a simple $1 sign up bonus. Although it may not be much compared to the 13$+ Swagbucks sign-up bonus, it’s great because it is instantly added to your GG2U account when you sign up, with no earning required before receiving the bonus

GG2U Earning Chances Review

GG2U offers 12 offer walls, gaming offers section, special offers section, surveys section and videos section.

GG2U Gaming Offers Guide

GG2U gaming offers star treck online 500 coins

GG2U‘s gaming offers section offers money for signing up to pc games (many of them free games) and then reaching certain goals in the games. Some offers even reward after only playing for 10 minutes and confirming your email address. These gaming offers usually reward you $1-$5 with an exception of a gambling website that offers a whopping $25 for making a deposit of less than that. However, some of the offers are removed and new ones are added from time to time so make sure to take advantage of any easy gaming offers that are available at the time.

GG2U Special Offers Guide

GG2U special offers apps 250 coins

The GG2U special offers section is much like the gaming offers section as it also offers money for signing up to products. Some of these require paying for the first month of subscription or just signing up for a free trial. However, these products will begin to bill you every month or less if you don’t cancel your subscription so if you do choose to complete a special offer make sure you know when you will have to pay and how to cancel your subscription once you’ve completed the offer.

However, some special offers don’t require spending anything but just require you to install an app and leave it on your device for about two weeks or complete a certain amount of surveys on the advertised platform

GG2U Surveys Review

GG2U high paying surveys offerwalls yoursurveys speak up peanut labs

Surveys on GG2U are possibly the best way to earn on the website bar the gaming and special offers. They, of course, cost nothing to complete and GG2U offers some of the highest payouts in the BeerMoney market. You can receive 75 cents to $1.35 per surveys on surveys that other providers pay less than 70 cents for.

However the higher the payout the survey, the harder you will find it to qualify and the fewer surveys there will be. We recommend trying your luck for a few high paying surveys but if you aren’t getting accepted on that day just go for some 90 cent – $1.20 surveys.

GG2U Videos Review

GG2U unlimited passive points hideout tv videos

The GG2U offers section allows you to make use of Hideout TV to earn some passive BeerMoney income. You click on the link on the GG2U website to go to Hideout TV, which will link your GG2U account to Hideout TV if you already have an existing account or you can create a Hideout TV account.

After this, you earn Hideout points by watching videos, which you can leave running in the background. You can also earn free points every day with the daily bonus. To claim your daily bonus go onto a video, press on the rewards button and a code will be already added to the box which you can redeem for 9 points.

Once you have accumulated 9 or more Hideout TV points you can cash them out on the redeem page of Hideout TV to turn them into GG2U video points. For every 9 Hideout TV points, you will receive 1 GG2U video point. These are not the same as general GG2U points. They fill up a separate bar at the top of the videos page. Once you have 200 GG2U video points you can redeem them for a Silver Token.

GG2U .org video points linked with Hideout TV for a silver token

A Silver Token can either be straight up redeemed for $1.60 which will be added to your GG2U balance or used to spin the silver wheel which can payout $1 – $3. Whether you decide to redeem the silver token or spin the wheel is completely up to you, spinning the silver wheel has a chance of getting a higher payout but also can leave you earning less.

gg2u spin silver wheel or redeem silver token

Bonus ways to earn on GG2U

GG2U has a bonus rewards feature called golden tokens. Much like silver tokens, they can be used to spin a wheel, this time the golden wheel. The golden wheel can payout between $1 – $7! You receive a golden token once you request 5 payouts, so requesting the lowest payouts allows you to make the most out of this feature.


GG2U says that overall, using the golden tokens increases your earnings by 8.4%, so it’s a great way to be rewarded if you’re a loyal GG2U user.

GG2U Review Conclusion


  • High payout rates on all offers
  • Lots of different earning opportunities
  • Easy and fun high paying gaming offers
  • High paying Golden Wheel for loyal users


  • Users must earn at least $7 before cashing out
  • Some surveys have high disqualification rates

In conclusion, GG2U offers all the conventional ways to earn BeerMoney at high payout rates and more. We especially recommend it if you like discovering new games, as their gaming offers section literally pays you to enjoy yourself!

Hopefully, this review and guide have helped you make an informed decision about whether to use GG2U and helped you maximize your earnings with it. If you would like to support this site so we can continue to write more reviews and guides to help BeerMoney earners like you, please use any of the links on this page! Thank you!

Sign up to GG2U for high payout rates and an instant $1 bonus!

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    1. Hi, unfortunately if GG2U isn’t allowed in your country, you will have to wait for it to be allowed before you can use it. If you want to try something else, many other sites reviewed on beermoneymentor are very similar to GG2U

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