Insta GC Review and Guide with Tips and Tricks

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instagc review and guide extra points
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Insta GC is a BeerMoney site with a twist. As soon as you redeem, as the name says, you instantly receive your gift card code. No longer do you have to wait days for your code to come, you can get to purchasing whatever you’ve earned with your hard work straight away! Also, Insta GC offers over 340+ gift cards and has given away over 1,246,200+ gift cards away to its users since it began so it’s more than trustworthy! Find out how you can earn your fair share of the millions that Insta GC have given away with this Insta GC review and Guide!

Sign Up Bonus

Insta GC has a disappointing sign-up bonus of only 10 cents, compared to other sites like the Swagbucks $10+ sign up bonus. However, the sign-up bonus is instant and requires no work to be received.

Insta GC earning chances Review

Insta GC has many earning chances, including the classic BeerMoney offerwalls and even its own mini offerwall.

Insta GC mini offerwall

insta GC yoursurveys and share gift card on twitter facebook

The Insta GC mini offerwall mainly consists of Surveys. These send you to the YourSurveys router and reward you 70 Points (70 cents). The other two unique offers that they give is to share your gift card on Twitter or Facebook. These only reward 5 points (5 cents) so aren’t really worth doing unless you were going to do it anyway. Also, you have to have already earned a gift card with Insta GC to complete this offer.

Other Offerwalls

There are these other classic BeerMoney offerwalls, read our reviews offerwalls ext…

Figure Eight Micro Tasks

figure eight mini tasks for Insta GC

Figure Eight is a micro tasks/job platform that you can link your Insta GC account with. When you complete a job on Figure Eight, you will receive the credit on your Insta GC account. These jobs are usually simple online tasks, such as going onto somebody’s LinkedIn profile and looking if their job or role has changed.

figure eight payment for Insta GC

As you complete more tasks you will receive more jobs, but the initial grind at the start does not pay much. We recommend that you try out Figure Eight to see if it’s the kind of work you enjoy doing. However, if it isn’t don’t continue grinding it out, there are lots of other ways to earn on Insta GC.

Hideout TV passive earning

Hideout TV is a video platform that pays you to watch the videos. The best part is that you can leave it running in the background, passively earning you Hideout points. Once you have accumulated more than 9 Hideout points you can convert them into Insta GC points on the loyalty program rewards page. The exchange rate is 0.7 Insta GC points for every 9 Hideout points.

You won’t be earning hundreds of dollars by leaving Hideout TV in the background but its a great passive way to supplement your Insta GC earnings.

Insta GC Shopping Offers

Insta GC shopping offers Adwall

The Insta GC shopping offers section is simply the Adscend Media ‘Adwall’ on its shopping tab. These offers pay you to buy something/ sign up to a service. They aren’t very popular on Insta GC, but you should check if there is anything that you were going to buy anyway on it to see if you can get any easy BeerMoney from these offers.

The trials section is much like the shopping section, but instead of buying products you sign up to trials of services.

However, if you do complete any of these offers be aware of reoccurring payments and subscriptions, as you may find that you are paying for extra months of a service you didn’t want to use.

Theorem Reach Surveys

Theorem reach fast surveys on Insta GC

As well as offering the YourSurveys that pay 70 Points guaranteed each time you complete one, Insta GC also offers Theorem Reach surveys. These surveys are usually quicker than the YourSurveys ones, but reward you in much lower points.

However, an advantage of Theorem Reach surveys is that they still pay you something even if you are disqualified. This payment is proportional to the time you had spent in the survey, so if you were disqualified immidiately you would receive less than if you were disqualified right at the end.

theorem rech booster 10% extra survey

Theorem reach also offers surveys that boost the number of points that you receive on other surveys for 1 hour. These surveys only take 30 seconds – 1 min to complete too.

10% theorem reach surveys boost for 1 hour

Insta GC Videos Section Guide

Insta GC videos passive

Along with Hideout TV, there are three other video providers on Insta GC: Insta GC, AceWall and OfferToro.

The Insta GC option puts on a playlist of videos that plays passively and earns you 1 Point for every twenty videos watched. This is not quick, we recommend you use Hideout TV for passive video watching as it has a much higher daily cap and earns you more points per video. (as much as 0.7 points per 3 videos)

The AceWall, option says it pays you for every 4 adverts watched. However, it sent us to webpages that our internet provider deemed unsafe and therefore blocked the webpages, so we recommend staying away from using AceWall’s videos.

At the time of writing, we couldn’t see any OfferToro videos.

Insta GC Clicks Section

The Insta GC click section rewards you for clicking on a link then completing a quick action. These offers usually take less than 30 seconds and can be repeated each day. They’re a great way to get some quick Insta GC points to start off the day.

Other ways to earn

Insta GC point booster codes for extra free points

Insta GC has a feature called points booster codes. These codes are created by other users on Insta GC and can be redeemed for bonus points. If you want to create a point booster code it costs you points and must cost a total of more than 100 points and be redeemable at least 5 times.

Insta GC create booster code

Also, Insta GC has a mini lottery called the decimal pot. To enter you pay the decimals in your balance into the pot. For example if you had 134.25 points, you would enter the decimal pot for 0.25 points. If you don’t have any decimals you can enter the decimal pot for 1 point.

Insta gc decimal pot mini lottery win points

However, no matter how many times you enter, or how much you pay to enter, you will only have one entry into the decimal pot. When the timer runs out, the winners are randomly selected then the points are distributed.

Insta GC Cashout Guide

Insta GC Payments

On Insta GC you can cash out your points for over 340 different gift cards. You will receive the gift card code instantly, so you can spend it right away.

insta gc amazon payment cashout

Insta GC has almost every big brand available to cash out and has a large variety of payment amounts. Some of the most popular brands on Insta GC that are available for cashout are:

  • Amazon
  • Addidas
  • Playstation
  • Xbox
  • Ebay
  • iTunes
  • Google Play

As well as offering gift cards as an option to cash out, Insta GC also offer Bitcoin, Pre-Paid MasterCards and PayPal.

However, in order to redeem bitcoin or PayPal, you have to redeem $50+ in other rewards beforehand.

The prepaid MasterCard is sent to your email address once you redeem it and does not require you to have redeemed $50+ in other rewards.

Insta GC Review Conclusion


  • Instant cashouts with most gift cards
  • Hundreds of different gift cards to choose from
  • Minimum $1 cashout
  • A large number of ways to earn


  • Low sign up bonus
  • $50 needed to be earned before PayPal and Bitcoin cashout

In conclusion, Insta GC is a great BeerMoney site that offers pretty much any reward that you could want and offers instant gift card rewards that beat its competitor’s cashout waiting times. If this review and guide have helped you and you would like to support us to write even more articles on your favourite BeerMoney sites, please use any of the links on this page to sign up for Insta GC and get 10 points straight away!

Sign up to Insta GC for a 10 points bonus

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