Swagbucks Review and Guide with Tips and Tricks

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swagbucks review and guide earn more bucks
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Swagbucks is a great GPT (Get Paid To) Beermoney site, with over £222 million ($272 million) given out to its users since it came out. The question is, how can you get the most out of it so you get your fair share of Beermoney? This is our Swagbucks Review and Guide!

Swagbucks Sign Up Bonus

Swagbucks sign up rewards may not be instant, but they are definitely some of the best sign up rewards that we have seen. The quickest way to earn with Swagbucks is their £10/$10 bonus with 1st purchase using Swagbucks shopping. Note that you will have to activate this on the swag-ups page after you sign up

swagbucks $10 bonus when signing up and making a purchase

Also, if you follow out sign up link, and you earn 300 SB (Swag Bucks) ($3) you get a bonus of 300 SB! This means for $3 of work, you get $6, which is great to say some sites only give $0.10 sign up rewards! Also, if you follow our swagbutton link then add the swagbutton to your browser (it takes 30 seconds) you get 50 SB ($0.5) instantly! This makes a total of $16.50+ for simply earning $3 and using Swagbucks Shopping!

Swagbucks Earning Chances Review

swagbucks best ways to earn

Swagbucks has an amazing amount of earning chances where you can earn SB for searching the web, completing surveys, getting cashback from shopping, watching videos and more! We recommend doing the daily poll, well, daily as it’s an easy 1 SB to start off your day and gets you in the earning mood!

Swagbucks Shop section guide

swagbucks shopping section

The place where you will end up racking up Swagbucks without even knowing it is the Shop section. All this time you have been spending money and getting nothing back but now you can earn SB simply by spending exactly how you used to!

Be sure to have the swagbutton installed on your browser to make sure you earn every time that you shop! (The Swagbutton is what gives you the cashback, without it you receive nothing 🙁 )

Swagbucks Answer section guide

swagbucks surveys

Surveys are a great way to earn Swagbucks rewarding anywhere from 25 SB (0.25$) to 300 SB ($3). We recommend going for any survey above 75 SB, and if you can snag a few 100 SB to 200 SB surveys you can find yourself earning a lot quite quickly!

Also, if you are disqualified from surveys you will earn 1 SB for compensation.

However, if you aren’t getting any well-paying surveys don’t stress about it – or scavenge around the 25 SB surveys, they’re simply not worth your time.

Remember, Swagbucks is a massive site so there are tons of other earning opportunities. As for Peanut Lab Surveys, we’ve found they usually credit less than 50 SB so aren’t really worth it.

Swagbucks Discover section guide

swagbucks discover section

The Discover section is great to look at if you are thinking of signing up for something, as it may be there and you could get rewarded for it. Also, if you see something that you would like to sign up for in the discover section, it’s great because the Swagbucks you receive for signing up is like an extra discount.

Be aware though that some sign-ups are free at first but then have recurring payments month after month, so watch out. Another more hidden part of the Swagbucks Discover section is the ‘Offers from our trusted partners’ section. This simply links 9 offer walls that have a range of earning opportunities.

swagbucks offerwalls offers

But our favorite part about this is the Adscend Media offerwall that can link Hideout TV. If you have read out Gain.GG Guide and Review you will know about Hideout TV and its earning potential, but if not, we’ll fill you in. Hideout TV is a video platform that you link your Swagbucks account to.

You earn points for watching adverts before the videos, which you can then withdraw to Swagbucks in return for Swag Bucks. The best way to use Hideout TV is to leave it running in the background or on devices that you don’t use for some extra passive income. Also, don’t forget to redeem the daily promo code for a free 9 points!

Swagbucks Search Guide

swagbucks search bar

The Swagbucks search feature lets you search the web as you would normally do and earn Swag Bucks at random intervals. These are possibly the easiest Swag Bucks that you will earn but there’s a catch. If you are used to google, Swagbucks search is a massive downgrade

Swagbucks Play section guide

swagbucks play section

Swagbucks play features app install offers where you get apps up to a certain level then you receive your reward. There are some good apps for this, but make sure to look up the requirements online if you are going to take on one of these offers.

You may find tips of the best ways to level up, or get ‘power on a game’. (We found with the power games training troops was an easy way to get a huge amount of temporary power.)

As well as the app level offers, there are a few app install offers too. These simply credit 30 seconds after installing then opening the app. Also, there are the 3 swagbucks flash games: swag jump, swagasaurus run and swag memory. These each credit 10 SB max a day. However, you may have some problems running the games due to Flash Player being blocked.

Swagbucks Withdrawal Methods Review

swagbucks withdrawal methods

Swagbucks has so many withdrawal methods that we simply couldn’t list them all here! From PayPal to Starbucks and MasterCard to Amazon, each comes in gift card form, that is sent straight to your email address. Here are some of Swagbucks’ most popular gift cards to redeem:

  • PayPal
  • Amazon
  • Mark and Spencer (UK)
  • Mastercard
  • Argos (UK)
  • John Lewis
  • iTunes
  • Steam
  • Many charity donations

You can get discounts on many gift cards quite often, so look out for the sale section on Swagbucks!

swagbucks reedeem options for cashout

Swagbucks Currency Guide

Swagbucks’ currency is Swag Bucks, as we mentioned earlier. Each Swag Buck is worth 1 cent so 100 Swagbucks are equal to $1

100 Swag Bucks = $1.00

250 Swag Bucks = $2.50

1500 Swag Bucks = $15.00

Swag Bucks are also abbreviated to SB, so keep a note of that.

Swagbucks Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Swagbucks is a tremendous Beermoney site that sports a great range of easy earning opportunities. Its immense range of withdrawal options gives you the flexibility to cash out the way you truly want to. Despite having moderate minimal withdrawal, it’s remarkably easy to reach these minimums. If we have helped you with this guide and would like to support this site please sign up using any of the links on this page, so we can continue to publish quality reviews and guides for all of your favourite beer money sites! Thank you!

Sign up to Swagbuck for $10+ Bonus

note: to earn $10+ bonus you must activate your first shopping bonus then make a purchase

Install the SwagButton for cashback on shopping and an instant $0.50 Bonus

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